The German theater in Sibiu - yesterday and today

Rental exhibition with 15 displays

The aim of the exhibition is to show the importance of the theater for urban life in Sibiu. The tradition that has existed since the 16th century is discussed, as well as the importance of theatrical art as a factor of identity for the German minority in today’s Romania. In contrast to Timişoara, in Sibiu one can refer to an even longer development and – at times – very active presence of the theater in the city. In addition, the sources (exhibits, documents) are much better than in Sibiu.

Exhibition texts

The exhibition texts are in German.

Poster / leaflet

A brochure in German and Romanian is available as additional information material.

Exhibition technology

The exhibition consists of 15 display elements measuring 90 x 220. Each element is packed in its own bag, the 15 bags are easy to transport. The individual display elements can be set up quickly and easily.


The exhibition was realized in cooperation with the Institute for Danube Swabian Culture and History Tübingen, the Danube Swabian Central Museum Ulm, the House of the German East in Munich, the Ministry of Culture and Culture Bucharest and the cultural advisor for Southeast Europe.

Loan Conditions

The insurance value of the exhibition is 15,000 euros. Associations and institutions can borrow the traveling exhibition free of charge. The exhibition can be transported with a normal car. A loan agreement is concluded for borrowing.

Contact Person

Please inform yourself about the exhibition at (0731) 96 254-115.