Our international DZM forum “Migration connects” is a platform for exchange and discussion. People with international roots work together with the DZM and together they create a living museum.

When the spark jumps

The international DZM forum “Migration connects” started in 2016 as a two-year pilot project. Danube Swabian eyewitnesses and people from Ulm with international roots asked themselves: How can we use the wealth of experience of the Danube Swabians today? Which new formats make the DZM more visible and even more of a meeting place? Under the motto “Bringing the museum into the city”, the participants acted as exhibition organizers in unusual places in Ulm. This first joint project let the sparks fly: The participants* continue to get involved in the DZM and contribute to a living museum with their projects.

What we do

We pick out exciting aspects of Danube Swabian culture and history and relate them to our everyday life and current affairs. We scrutinize museum exhibits, elicit amazing stories and bring them to life. We discuss, tell and exchange experiences. We develop new communication and event formats and thus get involved in museum work and urban society.

Everyone is invited

The international DZM forum “Migration connects” is open to everyone. If you are enthusiastic about intercultural, cross-generational dialogue, if you like to talk and be creative, you’ve come to the right place. We meet regularly at the DZM. Just call and ask when the next meeting will take place.

Contact Person

Tel. 0049 (0)731/96254-0

Current project

Sounds of DZM

Project Soundrallye 2023/2024

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Greetings for the new opening

"Migration connects" ventures in front of the camera! Ten short videos were created in which the participants became ambassadors for the DZM: They reveal what the DZM means to them personally and what they wish for "their" museum on the occasion of its reopening.

Previous projects

Go for the XXL letters

Creative project 2022

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What makes a festival a festival?

Open-air exhibition 2020/2021

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Suitcase stories

Exhibition 2019/2020

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Suitcase stories

Writing workshop 2018

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Memento mori

Theme day 2017

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Corn, hemp, traditional costumes on the way

Exhibition with on-site actions 2016/2017

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