Project Soundrallye

2023 - 2024

In its new project, the International DZM Forum ‘Migration connects’ explores the DZM’s permanent exhibitions with our ears. We set off in search of the ‘lost’ sounds of our exhibits and make them resound. What does a coffee grinder sound like? Can you hear the rustling of the skirts of traditional costumes? Does the puffing of a steam locomotive echo through the museum rooms?

The participants develop a sound rally through the DZM from various sounds. They choose their favourite sounds, think about how they can be reproduced (with objects from the collection or modern objects) and record them. Occasionally, ‘canned sounds’ can also be used.

The sound rally is a kind of scavenger hunt that guides visitors through the museum. In order to utilise existing media technology and software, it is integrated into the existing media guide as an additional tour.

The sound rally is not a classic museum tour in which a topic is explained from A to Z, but rather a separate additional offer that encourages visitors to discover individual objects and topics in both exhibitions.