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duration and cost

Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Overview and themed tours: €60 tour fee + €3.50 entry fee per person
Guided tours in English: 70,- € guide fee + 3,50 € entrance fee per person
Guided tour of the play: 90,- € guide fee + 3,50 € admission per person

Information and booking

Email: info@dzm-museum.de
Phone: 0049 (0)731 / 96254-105

Guided tours

Overview tour
Danube Swabia.
Departure and encounter

European Migration History: At 18. and In the 19th century, thousands of people from different German regions emigrate to Southeast Europe. The tour tells the stories of these emigrants and their descendants, the so-called Danube Swabians: They are about departure and new beginnings, about peaceful coexistence with other peoples, but also about the loss of homeland through nationalism and war.

Themed tour
Women set the tone

Women shape the village clothing style, preserve traditions and repeatedly act as cultural mediators who create closeness to foreigners. The tour is a search for traces of the changing living environments of Danube Swabian women – across generations and the changing times.

Acting leadership
“Anyone who moves to Hungary now,
the golden age is blooming! “

Experience the history of the Danube Swabians up close! Our actors take you on a spirited journey through time and space. Have you just been in a classroom in the Banat, you suddenly find yourself with emigrants on an Ulmer box or on the streets of the historic Timisoara. You were just standing at the market stall of a blue-dyeing couple when you got caught up in the maelstrom of the Second World War and finally ended up in the present.

Overview tour
River stories

“Look at me, says the Danube. I am tall, beautiful and wise. There is no one in Europe who can hold a candle to me. ” This is how the Hungarian writer György Konrád describes the great European river. The tour gives insights into life on and with the Danube. You will meet the legendary Danube dinosaur, hear adventurous reports from Danube travelers, get to know the Danube as a life-threatening river and discover the coffee house culture in Vienna and Budapest.

Adventure tour
Murder on the Danube

Anyone who deals with the history of the Danube region quickly realizes that all too often only the bloody Danube remains of the beautiful blue Danube. The greater region has repeatedly been the scene of armed conflicts. But not only that: mysterious or spectacular deaths also occurred there. But who were the victims and who were the perpetrators? How were the deeds committed? Find out for yourself and immerse yourself in the exciting history of a diverse region.

Themed tour
From the fortress building to the museum

Surprising insights into the history of the historic building and its various uses! The Reduit of the Upper Danube Bastion was completed in 1855. The defensive barracks were used to house soldiers and cannons to defend the city against attackers. After the Second World War, the building was initially used as an emergency shelter for displaced persons and homeless people from Ulm. After a thorough renovation, the DZM moved in in 2000. Numerous other actors from the cultural sector found their home on the second floor.

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