Neusatz - Novi Sad

European Capital of Culture

Loan exhibition with 6 displays

Perched on a rock above the Danube, Peterwardein Fortress is the landmark of Novi Sad. The Serbian city on the Danube looks back on an eventful history in which it has changed its nationality several times and experienced many wars, most recently in 1999. Empress Maria Theresa gave it the name Neoplanta in 1748 with the instruction that each nation should translate it into its own language. This is why the Serbs call their city Novi Sad, the Hungarians Újvidék and the Germans Neusatz.

The coexistence of different peoples characterises Novi Sad, which will hold the title of European Capital of Culture in 2022.

Exhibition texts

The exhibition texts are in German and English.

Exhibition technology

The exhibition consists of 6 display elements measuring 85 x 210. Each element is packed in its own bag, the 6 bags are easy to transport. The individual display elements can be set up quickly and easily.

Loan Conditions

Associations and institutions can borrow the traveling exhibition free of charge. The exhibition can be transported with a normal car. A loan agreement is concluded for the loan.

Contact Person

Please inform yourself about the exhibition at (0731) 96 254 0.