A European cultural landscape

Loan exhibition with 24 displays

The Danube Swabian Central Museum and various partners have designed an exhibition to depict Romania. Romania’s cultural landscape is shaped by centuries of coexistence between the Romanian majority population and the Hungarian and German minorities. Their mutual relationship created a diverse cultural heritage that is little known in Europe. The exhibition shows excellent examples of architecture, history and culture and introduces you to the beautiful Romanian landscape. The cultural heritage that has arisen here belongs historically to Central Europe. This is documented by selected monuments such as the painted churches of Bukovina, the fortified churches in Transylvania or the world natural heritage site of the Danube Delta. After the political changes of the recent past, the country is on the way to the European Union. The exhibition aims to help raise public interest in the cultural heritage of the future EU partner.

Exhibition texts

The exhibition texts are in German. Additional information material such as leaflets and posters provide information about the exhibition.

Exhibition technology

The exhibition consists of 24 display elements measuring 90 x 220. Each element is packed in its own bag, the 24 bags are easy to transport. The individual display elements can be set up quickly and easily.

Loan Conditions

The insurance value of the exhibition is 20,000 euros. Associations and institutions can borrow the traveling exhibition free of charge. The exhibition can be transported with a normal car. A loan agreement is concluded for borrowing.


The exhibition is a joint production of the following institutions: Danube Swabian Central Museum, Ulm, Museum of European Cultures, Berlin, Ethnographic Museum, Braşov (Romania), cultural advisor for Southeast Europe at the DZM, National Museum of Romanian History, Bucharest, Foreign Office, Berlin, Romanian Embassy, Berlin, German-Romanian Forum, Berlin.


The exhibition was presented in 2005 in Berlin (Foreign Office), Ulm (Sparkasse, Donauschwäbisches Zentralmuseum) and in Munich (Hanns Seidel Foundation).

Contact Person

Please inform yourself about the exhibition at (0731) 96 254-115.