In search of Europe

The youth event was held in Timisoara in preparation for the year of capital of culture Timisoara and Novi Sad. The focus of the event was both Timisoara, the Banat and its people, as well as the history of Europe and the European integration process.

Historical and cultural knowledge about Europe was imparted to the 59 participants. The play at the end of the event dealt with several centuries of history on the Danube and included a hymn composed by the young people themselves. The aim of the event was for the young people to get to know each other and the other countries.

countries of origin

Romania: Timisoara, Medias, Reşiţa
Serbia: Novi Sad, Belgrade, Valjevo
Germany: Freiburg, Stuttgart, Echterdingen

People involved

59 in total

cooperation partner

Donaubüro Ulm/Neu-Ulm; Ministry for Education, Youth and Sport BW; Department of Interethical Relations of the Romanian Government