#DanubeYouthExchangein Sarajevo / Bosnia-Herzegovina

09/30/19 - 10/3/19

A century ago, the Paris suburb agreements in Saint-Germain (1919) and Trianon (1920) regulated the reorganization of the Danube region. The consequences extend to the present day and influence people’s lives. In the context of Baden-Württemberg’s commitment in the Western Balkans region, a youth meeting with students from the Danube region will take place in Sarajevo, which will deal with historical events in creative workshops. As part of the project “Danube.Youth.Participation”, proposals for the institutionalization of youth encounters in the Danube region are to be discussed.

The cooperation event with the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, the City of Friedrichshafen, Liebenau Foundation, Agapedia gGmbH takes place in the youth center “Johannes Paul II”, Sarajevo.

“I come from a country where many people tell us who we have to hate and why. I was born after the Balkan conflicts broke out. I have no reason to hate and I'm happy to be here at the camp to talk to many others. "

Eva from Zagreb / Croatia

“We live in Moldova in and with many contrasts. I noticed here at the youth camp that many other young people also live with these contrasts, that gives me courage. "

Madalina from Chișinău / Moldova