A century ago, the Paris suburb agreements in Saint-Germain (1919) and Trianon (1920) regulated the reorganization of the Danube region. The consequences extend to the present day and influence people's lives.

In the context of Baden-Württemberg’s involvement in the Western Balkans region, a youth encounter with schoolchildren from the Danube region took place in Sarajevo

“The corona pandemic turns young people into lone fighters in online lessons,” says a teacher from Freiburg who was involved. “It is difficult to feel connected when everyone has to deal with everyday life in isolation. International exchange is very important for the young people in particular,” says a teacher from Waldshut. “Change of perspective happens through contact, the filter bubbles only burst when we meet others,” adds a teacher from Ukraine.

We ourselves – who thought up and developed the project – feel how much we missed this exchange, how we enjoy being able to exchange ideas with others again and at least be able to meet in virtual space and how our courage grows, this crisis to manage something.

countries of origin

Germany: Friedrichshafen
Bosnia-Herzegovina: Sarajevo
Romania: Timisoara

People involved

59 in total

cooperation partner

Liebenau Foundation, NGO Social Network, Danube Youth, Agapedia