As part of youth work in the Danube region, the Danube Creative Camp offers young people from the Danube countries the opportunity to take part in an international exchange. The young people will get to know each other, exchange experiences and knowledge and learn to understand their homeland as part of a larger context.

In music seminars and drama workshops, knowledge about the Danube region is imparted, guided by professional musicians and theater pedagogues. The focus is on the musical and literary traditions of the area, as well as on the exchange in the course of dramaturgical activities.

Over the past two centuries, the Danube has repeatedly inspired composers, writers and artists such as Johann Strauss and Eduard Mörike. The river is also mentioned in the national anthems of numerous Danube countries. The Danube tells history and stories, but what does it announce and how do people on the Danube perceive the journey full of literature and music?

In preparation for the face-to-face event, the project begins with an online phase in which schoolchildren from the Danube countries exchange ideas and work on a joint project in a protected virtual classroom. The students work in trinational groups on a common main topic and sub-topics they choose themselves. The common theme results from the culture and history of the Danube region, which looks back on a rich and diverse cultural history, which – as a matter of course – was also characterized by multilingualism and multiethnicity.

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