Time dreams

The Association of Hungarian German Authors and Artists

09/24/10 - 01/09/11

The VUdAK was founded in 1992. It consists of a section for literature and a section for visual arts. With around 40 members, the association is today the link and mouthpiece for German cultural workers living in Hungary. These are almost exclusively members of the Hungarian-German minority.

Time dreams was the first overall presentation of the VUdAK, which includes visual arts and literature. She gave an overview of the current artistic work of the Hungarian Germans. Art and culture in particular reflect social transformation processes, aspects of ethnicity and integration, but also cross-border relationships between Hungary and Germany.
The Danube Swabian Central Museum presented the VUdAK in a comprehensive exhibition. The exhibition was then shown in the Baden-Württemberg State Representation in Brussels.

Until the opening of the exhibition, the museum showed a work by a Hungarian-German artist every month under the title “ungART”. Works by Ákos Matzon, Josef Bartl, Robert König, László Hajdú, Manfred Karsch and Volker Schwarz were on display.