Forced ways

Flight and displacement in Europe in the 20th century

01/28/11 - 03/13/11

More than 30 peoples of Europe lost their homeland in whole or in part in the 20th century. Historians speak of 80 to 100 million victims of flight and displacement in Europe in the 20th century. The zones of expulsion were in the area of the multinational empires that collapsed in 1918, the new and controversial demarcations, areas with mixed ethnic populations and the sphere of influence of German National Socialism and the Stalinist Soviet Union.

The exhibition used selected examples to show different motivations and framework conditions for expulsions, including the Armenian genocide (1915/1916), the expulsion and deportation of the Germans at the end of the Second World War, the expulsion of the Italians from Yugoslavia (1944ff.) or wars and displacements in disintegrating Yugoslavia (1990s).

A traveling exhibition by the Federation of Expellees in collaboration with the Center against Expulsions Foundation