Pécs - Fünfkirchen - Pecuh

Hungary's European Capital of Culture 2010

06/18/10 - 09/05/10

Pécs has many names – a sign of the ethnic diversity of this southern Hungarian city. The German-Hungarian exhibition made it possible to experience the coexistence and coexistence of cultures like on a city tour. For example, it led to mysterious-sounding districts such as Puturluk (Butter Hole) and Bolgárkert (Bulgarian Gardens). It also reminded of things long past, such as the first Croatian school and the German theater. A surprising journey of discovery also for Pécs connoisseurs.

Cooperation partners: Directorate of the museums of the Baranya County (Pécs), Danube Swabian Central Museum (Ulm), coordination of East Central and Southeastern Europe at the Museum of European Cultures (Berlin), German Cultural Forum for Eastern Europe (Potsdam), endowed chair for German history and culture in southeastern Central Europe at the University of Pécs

The exhibition was funded by the Commissioner for Culture and Media and “Pécs 2010”.