Timisoara / Timisoara

Little Vienna on the Bega

19.03.10 - 24.05.10

The city of Timişoara, in German Timişoara, located on the Bega River, has a history of more than a thousand years and has been the capital of the Banat since the early Middle Ages. In the late Middle Ages, the settlement developed into a city, becoming a fortress and temporary residence of the Hungarian king in 1212. Between 1552 and 1716 it fell under Ottoman rule. After its liberation by the Habsburg troops under Prince Eugene of Savoy, the city was re-established.

Timişoara and the Banat have been part of Romania since 1918. Timişoara has developed into a multicultural city in the course of history and has also been referred to as “Little Vienna on the Bega”.
In 1989 the signal for the overthrow of the communist dictatorship came from Timişoara. From here the resistance spread across the whole country. It is thanks to the citizens of Timisoara that they rose up against the regime with courage and moral courage.

With a look at the city today, the exhibition made a contribution to the preservation of this cultural heritage of European importance.