Gert Fabritius

The myth of home - home in the myth

07/15/11 - 09/25/11

The importance of home for himself, what home means and can mean for people, has been a concern of the Stuttgart-based artist Gert Fabritius for a long time. He comes from a family from Transylvania, was born in Bucharest and moved to Germany in 1977. “Transportable Heimat” is the name of an installation shown in the exhibition.

The painter and wood cutter Fabritius creates powerful, colorful, expansive pictures and installations. In his works he traces the connection between home and myth. Fabritius showed many new woodcuts and sculptures made especially for the rooms in the DZM. His “images” could also be seen, portraits of people who accompanied him in a kindred spirit or in real life, such as Herta Müller or Ingo Glass.

The exhibition was created in collaboration with the Transylvanian Museum Gundelsheim.