Casa Mare

Photographs by Frank Gaudlitz

04/01/11 - 06/26/11

“The grandiose portrait of a society in transition, which lends its touching grace to prosperity – and has still made a good exchange.” (FAZ)

“European encouragement” was the headline of the Berliner Zeitung about this exhibition by the well-known art photographer. She showed people in their living quarters. Gaudlitz asked them to put on their festive clothes and then recorded them with his medium format camera. From 2006 to 2008 his search for clues took him through Romania, Hungary, Serbia and the Republic of Moldova. He visited the multi-ethnic regions of Transylvania, Swabian Turkey, Dobruja, Vojvodina and Bessarabia. There he portrayed people of different ethnic groups and denominations, of all ages, of all educational and social classes and of all professional groups. They also include Germans: Danube Swabians and Transylvanian Saxons, who have been part of the cultural diversity in this part of Europe for centuries. Frank Gaudlitz paints the picture of a heterogeneous society with its cultural traditions – beyond national borders.

A project of the coordination of East Central and Southeast Europe at the Museum of European Cultures, National Museums in Berlin. The exhibition and catalog were funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Foundation Art Fund Bonn and the German Cultural Forum Eastern Europe Potsdam.