With the pilot project “Migration connects”, the DZM explored whether and how the historical migrations of the Danube Swabians can be related to the realities of immigrants today. Two sub-projects were carried out over a period of 18 months.

1. Student project

Meet with myself "

Pupils in the 8th grade of a community school spent a school year grappling with the topics of identity, home and foreigners: What does it mean for one’s own identity when the familiar and the familiar collapse and one has to deal with new, sometimes foreign, social demands ? The pupils got to know the former world of Danube Swabian children and adolescents, to which they contrasted their own experiences. From their findings, they developed, among other things, a play that revolved around origin, mutual respect and self-image.

2. Encounter project

"Migration connects ?!"

Can the history of the Danube Swabians serve as a wealth of experience and knowledge for today’s immigrant society? With this in mind, Danube Swabian contemporary witnesses and migrants living in Ulm conceived new communication formats in the museum. The idea of “taking the museum into the city” was implemented, in which the participants acted as exhibition organizers in unusual locations. That caused a spark: the participants will continue to be involved in the museum in the future.

The handout Migration connects – experience report and practical modules for intercultural mediation work in the museum was published for the project.

The project was funded by the Art Innovation Fund of the State of Baden-Württemberg

Further projects