Victor Vasarely

The first spring swallow in my home

10/31/03 - 01/31/04

Victor Vasarely (born 1908 in Fünfkirchen / Pécs, Hungary, died 1997 in Annet-sur-Marne) gave his Hungarian hometown a collection of 42 serigraphs for the first time in 1968. Vasarely writes about his first exhibition in Pécs: She is the first spring swallow in my homeland, almost after forty years of absence. It also symbolizes the creation of familiar cultural relationships between Western and Central Europe. Later he donated further works to his hometown, which formed the basis for the Vasarely Museum in Pécs, which opened in 1976. The exhibition showed Vasarely’s most important works from Pécs, especially his large-format tapestries and serigraphs.