Ten new ones for Europe

The EU enlargement as reflected in the cartoon

11/11/05 - 29/01/06

In May 2004 the European Union grew from 15 to 25 member states. At the time, that sparked not only enthusiasm but also concern in the old EU countries. But how did the people in the ten acceding countries fare? What fears and what hopes did you associate with accession?

54 cartoonists from the ten “new” countries put their answers on paper. From a total of 300 resulting works, 80 works were selected for this exhibition. They are sometimes amusing, sometimes critical, but always understandable across Europe.

The exhibition was conceived by the art historian and critic Gisela Burkamp and the journalist Dieter Burkamp. Both have dedicated themselves to the subject of caricature for over three decades, have published numerous books on the subject and are jury members at international caricature competitions.