Painting from Romaniain the 20th century

Pictures from the Suciu Collection

10/28/05 - 01/29/06

In cooperation with the Emilia Suciu Gallery, the Danube-Swabian Central Museum showed a selection of around 100 works of “20th-century painting” from Romania from an extensive private collection. For the first time, an overview was offered of the work of European-oriented artists in a country in East Central Europe that was often overshadowed by the dominant results of contemporary art in the metropolises. Works on canvas and paper proved the rank of more than 60 artists who are committed to contemporary and modern art, who always have the European context in mind, but at the same time work under the determining historical conditions of their homeland. Documentary, the view was drawn to the valid tendencies of European modernity in a not so distant country with its centuries-old multi-ethnic tradition.