Willy Pragher: Romanian Image Spaces 1924–1944

01/25/08 - 03/09/08

Willy Pragher (1908 – 1992), the child of a chemical engineer who immigrated from Bucharest and a German mother, was closely associated with Romania throughout his life. Numerous photo trips took the photo journalist and representative of the “New Seeing” in photography from the 1920s to the 1980s to his father’s homeland. His estate of Romania photos in the Freiburg State Archives consists of more than 12,000 images. They paint a breathtaking, previously unknown image of Romania before the Second World War: modern Bucharest also stands alongside archaic forms of life in the country.

An exhibition by the Institute for Danube Swabian History and Regional Studies in Tübingen and the Freiburg State Archives.