Lajos Barta

Sculptures and drawings

04/10/14 - 07/13/14

The Hungarian sculptor and draftsman Lajos Barta (* Budapest 1899, † Cologne1986) is a representative of abstract post-war art. Growing up in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, he spent his apprenticeship and traveling years in what is now Romania, Slovakia, Austria and Italy. During the Second World War he lived temporarily in Paris, but returned to Hungary. In 1946 Barta joined the progressive Hungarian artists’ association “European School”. In 1965 he emigrated to Germany. At the age of 66, Barta managed a second artistic career at the Rolandseck artists’ station. Barta lived and worked in the Rhineland until his death.

The exhibition showed 40 sculptures and 90 drawings that have been created in Hungary and Germany since the 1940s. An exhibition in collaboration with the Arp-Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck. With the kind support of the Martin Lantsch Nötzel Foundation for the Art of the 1950s, Cologne.