Johnny Weissmüller

Exhibition for the 100. date of birth

06/02/04 - 01/09/05

June 2, 2004 was the 100th Birthday of the Olympic champion and later Tarzan actor. What hardly anyone knows and what he himself had always kept secret: He was born as Janos Weiszmüller in Freidorf in the Banat, now a district of Timisoara. Like many other Banat Swabians, the family emigrated to America in order to start a new life there.

On the one hand, the exhibition focused on the emigration to America from south-eastern Europe at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century and on the other hand it followed the biography of Johnny Weissmüller until his death in 1984. Everything about his sports career and his role as Tarzan in a total of twelve films. The only exhibition about Johnny Weissmüller in the German-speaking area.