New exhibitions, new discoveries

Comprehensive modernization of the museum

A museum to discover and understand: after 20 years of existence, the DZM is modernizing and updating its permanent exhibition. The heart of the museum remains the presentation of Danube Swabian history from emigration to the present day. However, an additional exhibition on the cultural history of the Danube is being created from scratch.

The museum team is developing the exhibitions and the design of a new entrance area with shop and cozy lounge together with the Berlin design office Studio It’s About and the media designers from 2av from Ulm. A modern and appealing design, hands-on and media stations as well as games and discovery stations invite visitors to explore the Danube and the history of the Danube Swabians.

Danube Swabia. Departure and encounter

With a new title, exciting exhibits from our depot, tried and tested items and one or two surprises, the exhibition tells the story of the Danube Swabians. Danube Swabian contemporary witnesses report on their experiences in video interviews. At hands-on stations, visitors * rub corn, which was also called kukuruz, or accompany young Danube Swabians on their emigration to America. In a new media guide, Danube Swabian women and men take visitors through the exhibition and provide in-depth information on the objects.

Danube. River stories

We bring the Danube to the museum! The river meanders through the new exhibition like a blue ribbon. With objects, photographs, films and illustrations, the DZM tells 22 stories about life on and with the Danube. Visitors encounter the legendary Danube dinosaur, pass rapids with the Ulmer Schachtel and visit famous coffee houses in Vienna and Budapest. The Ulm Danube pebbles will also find their way into the new exhibition.

The DZM 2021 project is funded by the City of Ulm, the State of Baden-Württemberg and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Danube. River stories

The new exhibition for the whole family. Here is a short preview.