more on home

A project with the second generationof displaced persons

03/27/09 - 06/07/09

Andrea, Gitte, Renate, Ruth, Andi, Birgit and Rena meet in an internet forum to talk about “home”. They are descendants of displaced persons during the Second World War and live in Germany, Canada and Australia. A lively exchange of experiences is taking place across the globe. The résumé? In addition to biographical similarities, it becomes clear how differently the parents’ loss of homeland influenced their biographies.

The artist and social scientist Monika Drach conceived, accompanied, documented and artistically processed this project in a room installation.

With the participation of: Andrea Ballreich, Renate Dojan, Renate Koelbli, Brigitte Lambert, Andreas Preisner, Birgit Rothe and Ruth Wagner.