Georg Haller

A Sathmarschwabian artist

02/20/18 - 04/29/2018

The Sathmar border region in northwest Romania is inhabited by Hungarians, Romanians and Germans. The history of the Germans began here in the 18th century when Count Károlyi’s agents tried to recruit new settlers in Swabia. After initial difficulties, the settlement became a success story.

Today, however, the German language is seldom heard in Sathmar; a series of nationalist currents, the two world wars and the turning point of 1989. The artist Georg Haller (1883 – 1934) from Satu Mare (1883 – 1934) has also been largely forgotten. His paintings were shown in a retrospective.

Georg Haller comes from the village of Terem / Tiream and studied at the Budapest Art School. He was an art teacher and settled in the nearby, German-influenced Kleinteting / Budatétény. Haller died at the age of 51. His graphics, watercolors and oil paintings testify to his confident graphic skills, self-discipline and an open attitude.