After the festival, the festival.Cross-border commuters

“The soul is a migratory birdshe lives out of the cloud case "

May 18,2018 - July 22, 2018

Romania during the Ceauşescu dictatorship: A village festival in the Banat ends with the spectacular escape of 15 couples in traditional costumes and pastors “through woods and meadows, through the back door to Europe”. This is how the author Sigrid Katharina Eismann tells this true story. She herself was very close at the time – her cousin was one of the refugees, her own family waited 16 years for permission to leave the country. Eismann developed an interactive art project that connects this escape story with her travel texts between Germany and Romania.

A project by Sigrid Katharina Eismann, Hagen Bonifer and Sven Eismann

In cooperation with the International City of Ulm Coordination Office