Temporary Exhibitions

The museum organises changing temporary exhibitions (with all information in German) on a regular basis.

What makes a festival a festival?
Open-air exhibition at the DZM

14.8. – 14.11.2021

Festivals are celebrated all over the world – and have been at all times and under almost all circumstances. But what actually makes a festival a festival? What is an essential part of it? Where does the special character of a festival come from, in contrast to everyday life? Are there generally valid commonalities that transcend cultures and times? And what does it mean when festivals are affected by migration? How does one celebrate in another country, in another culture?

In the exhibition, we bring together festive traditions of the Danube Swabians and our own experiences of celebrating festivals. We present our favourite objects from the museum collection on the theme of festivities and supplement them with exciting commentaries. We show everything that is indispensable to make a festival a festival – whether in the past or today, whether here or in other countries. We tell about the change of festivals through migration. And we reveal what the DZM means to each and every one of us.

An open-air exhibition of the DZM International Forum “Migration connects”